The Best Shoes For Aging Feet

Are you guys worried about aging problems? Or worried about people nearby you who are looking for shoes for the elderly with balance problems? Then there is almost everything you need to find out the Best Shoes For Aging Feet. Most of the elderly people suffer from foot problems, pain in the ankle, and back, so that is why they need footwear, adaptive while relieving from such painful activities.

The inappropriate footwear can damage your feet and even cause severe pain in your back and ankles. It’s not easy to find the best shoes for seniors, but doing so can prove helpful for maintaining an active lifestyle which will take part in better health and quality of life.

It’s obvious that most of the old people face a lot of aging feet problems and most of these problems are because of the wrong type of footwear.

Here are some demonstrations made for you guys to find out the effects of aging on foot, the important measures to tackle these issues, and some suggestions to keep under consideration while going to select the best walking shoes for aging feet.

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Features of The Best Shoes For Aging Feet

In elderly people, different changes in feet occur that can affect mobility and lead to problems of aging and foot diseases. It’s better to consult some health care specialist if there is any such issue. With these measures, the adaptive shoes for the elderly should be chosen to make life easier and to make a more independent living.

There should be an effective treatment and regular evaluation should be done to educate people of older age and others. So, it’s important to keep the focus on selecting non-slip and velcro shoes for the elderly.


  • Stable Motion- Stable shoe will support arches and ankle while walking, by adjusting the motion to lessen the stress and force on heels.
  • Light in weight- Shoes must be of lighter weight to reduce walking difficulty.
  • Breathable- Should be flexible to lower more hurting of affected areas.
  • Good Cushioning- a good shoe must have well adjusted cushioning to make it easier to walk. It must relax the muscles and tissues of the feet to reduce pain and any scar. Shoes with harder sole can hurt more resulting in scars on the feet that is another major problem.
  • Nonskid or non-slip soles of shoes to make the walk easier.
  • Easy opening and closing
  • Wider opening to make it easier to wear
  • Extra cushioning and padding for more comfort.

Shopping Instructions 

Firstly you must be aware of the size of your feet while planning to buy a new one. If you’re not rowing much but you should consider and measure the size of your feet. Because it’s general that your feet get wider and larger when you get older.

Secondly, don’t run over any fashion madly. Instead, it’s better to choose shoes wisely. And try to get that pair in which you feel easy to walk and your feet shouldn’t be stuck in a lean type of stuff. So, try those shoes which will prove the best shoes for people of older age.

10 Best Shoes For Aging Feet

1: Skechers Men's Equalizer Double Play Slip-On Loafer

Amazingly comfortable gives you twice the incentive to get pleasure from Skechers Equalizer and Double Play Slip-on Shoes. These Skechers have the ability to cover whatever you demand of your footwear. These durable, protective and slip-resistant Skechers are the best walking shoes for the elderly. If you are someone who has to spend many hours standing due to your work then you definitely need the best and most adaptive shoes for your feet.

Key Features

  • Mesh woven draft with one-piece fabric in a slip with stitching and memory foam insole with an infusion of gel. It specifies the supreme cushioning and offers excellent support.
  • Well-engineered mesh having solid unwavering panels with cooling and ventilating panels. The fabricated lining is very relaxing and has moisture-wicking characteristics. It can help in resisting odor and keep your feet fresh for the whole day.
  • Double-sided elastic fabric for an effortless slip-on fit. Other features include a padded collar, flexible shoe lining, and cushioned consoling insole. The insole helps to lessen foot weariness during whole day work.
  • Lighter in weight and shock absorbing these Skechers are adaptive shoes for the elderly. These Lighter and comfortable shoes are best for walking long distances.
  • These are so relaxing that you can wear them for 8-10 hours without any irritation.
  • Along with the most comforting features, these shoes are the best shoes for ankle support for every individual of any age.


  • Extremely breathable
  • Comfortable footbed
  • Soft fabricated lining
  • Well-cushioned


  • Some reviews claimed that sometimes its elastic fall apart.

2: Men’s Gil by Hush Puppies- the Best Walking Shoes for elderly

A sleek and clean structure makes these Gil leather to fit surely in your wardrobe. Hush Puppies Gil is really comfortable sneakers for walking perfectly. These are The Best Shoes for aging feet and mostly for the people having hip problems. According to many reviews, these sneakers are considered light in weight with ZeroG technology.

Key Features

  • These are the best slip-on sneakers with Velcro strap that make it easier to put on. Most of these sneakers are manufactured in a perfectly designed style that makes it worthy of casual as well as dressy wear.
  • These sneakers are recommended as best for people of older age, especially for those who have foot problems.
  • It is considered a perfect fit for people with wider feet or high instep, revealed by testers.
  • The most important feature of it is leather. Its leather is comfy and most adjustable.
  • These Gil can fit easily and can also be worn as dress shoes are exceptionally comfortable and can wear for longer periods. So, you can say that these are the Best Walking shoes for all.
  • Exceedingly these shoes are also best for people with ‘Super Feet’ having plantar fasciitis. So, they are recommended for wider feet people


  • Easy hook and look closure
  • Additional cushioning
  • Outsole flexibility
  • Lightweight and comfortable


  • Few customers claimed that its outsole wears out easily.

3: Men’s Hook and Loop 577 Walking The Best shoes for aging feet

The best balancing shoes for men to acquire their athletic goals. These shoes are the best walking shoe for every man. They are really comfortable and easy to wear for their best fitting properties.

Key Features

  • With proper midsole cushioning and strike path outsole, these are mainly best for walking over long distances.
  • It has a well-padded collar along with well cushioning.
  • This shoe was appreciated largely for its better arch supportability. This helps in making these shoes comfier.
  • Its Velcro makes it easier to wear on and off. And this feature is quite helpful for older age people who face difficulty in bending to untie their shoes.
  • It is considered the best shoe for aging feet due to its breathability and durability. It is really helpful in overcoming foot fatigue and limiting irritating joint pains.
  • The closure of the hook and loop provides a complete fit.


  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Various width options
  • Good arch and lateral support


  • The straps of hook and loop 577 were shorter to secure feet.

4: Propet Men’s M3851 Wash and Wear Slip-on Sneaker- Best shoes for foot problems

It is one of the best shoes in many ways. Yes, it’s 100% true and has been tagged with a guarantee of 1000 miles. They are considered as best walking shoes due to their specialized manufacturing design.

Key Features

  • These lightweight and soft leather sneakers will perfectly suit to your feet. The nylon collar will definitely help in providing flexibility.
  • The multi-directional walk will help you grip on many surfaces and would not let you stumble in any way.
  • The insole is shock-absorbing and removable that will make walking easier and light from dusk till dawn.
  • Its sole is very supportive and it’s comfy cushioning makes it more worthy to be selected.
  • Easy to wash, when going to clean it just put them in cold water and then dries them in air.
  • The insole is nylon lined and really comforting while Neoprene extended the collar for relaxing fit and feel.
  • These shoes are recommended as the best shoes for aging feet and for diabetic or people having foot problems.
  • Its padding is very helpful in supporting.
  • Easy to slide in without any breaking in.


  • Arch support
  • Great casual shoes
  • Truly slip-on


  • Sometimes Sole wears down
  • According to a few reviews, upper leather was quite hard.

5: Performance Women’s Go Walk 4 – Pursuit Best Walking and budget shoes for elderly

These shoes are perfect for people with plantar fasciitis. The Soft and cushioned sole helps very well with also providing arch support. Recommended by many as most comfortable shoes ever. If you are facing any kind of foot problem then these shoes are perfect for you.

Key Feature

  • The full of features- these sneakers are lighter in weight with stabilizing heel fabric making it very comfortable. It has an overlying panel too.
  • For supporting arch there is tapering midfoot design with novel and highly approachable midsole cushioning.
  • There is soft mesh on the upper side and truly flawless construction for a comfy fit. While footbed is bamboo lined to control the odor of anti-bacterial.
  • These shoes are considered as the best shoe for Aging Feet because if you have any kind of foot problem then these sneakers will prove helpful in many ways. So, they are highly recommended shoes.
  • The athletic mesh fiber also adds in its many qualities with extremely breathable and comfy design.
  • These are Best Adaptive shoes because of featherweight sock liner and make it more adjustable for an easy walk.
  • With quick fitting heel here is stabilizing heel fabric that is easy to pull on wear and overlay panels.


  • Conservative
  • Trendy style- Casual/ Recreational
  • Comfortable for any walk
  • Best for plantar fasciitis


  • Few aged people find it not comfortable to travel.
  • Some find it less comfortable at all

6: Sperry Men’s Authentic Original 2 Eye Boat Shoe

Representing the best shoe for men of which manufacturing is really very effective due to a number of features.

Key Features 

  • The unlined upper leather hinders the effects of freshwater and salts to make it long-lasting wear.
  • With rustproof eyelets, the two eye design is also functional as one piece rawhide laces.
  • The level of its durability can be measured by its real hand sewn property that makes it broken-in comfort.
  • The stability and suitability are also ensured by its shock-absorbing heel cup.
  • The rubbery outsole makes it more durable and flexible.
  • Wet and dry footing provides ultimate channeling water far from underfoot.
  • The beveled heel provides stability on rough surfaces to make your walk smooth.
  • This shoe can also be used casually to go anywhere either beach or pool.
  • Comfy, breathable, and made of real leather, these shoes are perfect to wear in any way.
  • Easy to wear, easier to clean.
  • Recommended as excellent boat shoes.
  • Best for people having wide feet or any other feet problem and helps greatly in relieving pain.


  • Comfortable
  • Excellent boat shoes
  • Breathable and durable
  • Flexible


Few reviews claimed it caused squeaking or hissy sounds.

7: Propet- Women’s Travelactiv Mary Jane Flat- The Best shoes for aging feet

Made keenly to provide all customers with comfort, easy fit, and stylish design for women to ensure all stand-up activities for the whole day. The outsoles are designed with top quality, good material, and the excessive cushioning insoles are included to increase comfort and caress.

Key Features

  • The Propet Travel Active natural fiber has been treated with the 3M Scotchgard that makes it water and stain-resistant.
  • The excessive flexibility to move your feet easily makes it the best shoes for aging feet too.
  • It’s really supporting and comfy in texture and flexible to fit greatly.
  • These are highly recommended for people with bunions or hammertoes to control swelling of feet and can be used for a longer time.
  • Highly suitable for wider feet and out swollen feet to make more relax and comforting feet effect.
  • Sporty and dressy– these shoes are best for women.
  • The softer insole is very helpful in absorbing shock too.
  • Absolutely synthetic with stretchy mesh and breathability. The elastic strap consists of hook and loop closure.
  • The extra cushioning makes it very reliable. The stylish design makes it suitable for all occasions like casual and dressy clothing
  • The lightweight and perfect fit have increased its demand mainly.
  • The people with orthotic problems find it best for orthotic inserts because the insole is removable.


  • Removable footbed
  • Flexibility
  • Well-engineered upper mesh
  • Lace-up closure way


  • According to a few reviews, there’s Sloppy fit in the heel.
  • Sole unit is too soft and lacks support for some customers.

8: Propet Women’s Travelactiv Fashion Sneaker- Best Walking Shoes for elderly

Propet shoes are considered as The Best Walking Shoes. Its manufacturing has been done in such a way to provide a comfortable walk. The major attention has given to provide arch support with comfier cushioning and more room to allow the foot to move parts with freedom when walking.

Key Features

  • The versatile styles of these sneakers attract a majority of wearers. The perfect fit is appreciated by many customers.
  • It has a cozy heel but roomy at the forefoot that allows for toe splay.
  • These shoes are the best material for people with bunions, swelling, and corns.
  • The slip-on style makes these sneakers easier to put on and remove.
  • The presence of orthotic and pressure pads increases the worthiness of these sneakers because it makes them more comfortable for people having foot problems.
  • The arch-supporting factor is also reliably claimed by many customers.
  • Another important feature of these sneakers is their breathability that makes the best walking shoes in summers because it prevents excessive sweating.


  • Arch support
  • Breathability
  • Comfy
  • Perfect fit


  • The white sole gets dirty easily
  • Inner thin material that didn’t provide insulation against cold weather.

9: SAGUARO: Lady’s Comfy Breathable Soft Fashion Mary Jane Sneakers Lightweight Flat Shoes for a 70-year-old woman

Tremendously comfy stylish women’s shoes are perfect for any kind of occasion. Regular walks, gym, driving, yoga, fashion leisure, fitness, casual, traveling and working indoor or outdoor.

These shoes are absolutely perfect for any reason. Considered as the best shoes for aging feet as well as best walking shoes for the elderly.

Key Features

  • The flexible strap fastens easily on and off with hook and loop Velcro design.
  • Suggested as the best gift for elderly women
  • The breathable mesh makes it comfier by keeping your feet dry and fresh for casual walks.
  • These shoes are best for any weather either summer or winter. These are the perfect shoes to wear.
  • The breathable insoles of shoes will always keep your feet cool, dry, and clean.
  • These shoes are durable for a longer duration so these can easily be used anytime and anywhere.
  • With shock-absorbing property, these shoes are highly demanded by many women.
  • Made for good traction and sporty with Velcro that held them well.
  • With the attraction and style of these shoes, they are considered adaptive shoes for the elderly too with comfortability.
  • The lightweight and comfy nature make these shoes best for elderly women because it makes walking smooth and well balanced.
  • The people with neuropathy or having breathability problems found these shoes perfect for them.


  • Breathable
  • Shock absorbing
  • Soft walking shoes
  • Lightweight and comfortable


  • Some find it not comfortable at all.
  • Few added that it lack arch support

10: Acorn Women’s Chinchilla Collar- Best Walking shoes for elderly women

Luxuriously soft wool with fuzzy faux chinchilla lining and trim makes them the most comfortable shoes for women. Weatherproof rugged, skid-resistant with durable rubber sole gives outdoor and indoor versatility. Marshmallows like cushioning for tired heels and toes aid in the reduction of muscle fatigue with relieving pain and heaviness.

Key Features

  • With a breathable and comfortable foundation with a closed toe style that surrounds your feet in a comfy manner.
  • Multilayer insole with elastic cloud contour, memory foam, and arch support that maintain the balance of your heel with a major supporting arch.
  • Adaptable and stylish– these shoes are considered as the best adaptive shoes for elderly people.
  • The high durability level and lighter weight allow your feet to move smoothly over any kind of surface without losing balance at any place.
  • The texture of shoes made in such a way to relax your feet for a long walk.
  • Faux Chinchilla coating gives warmth and comfort to your feet.
  • The stability of it is maintained by the presence of heel contour and higher arch support.
  • It can easily be washed and clean dry.
  • The cozy warmth and extreme comfort enhances its demand by many consumers
  • They can easily be washed even in machines without losing their original texture and quality.


  • Multilayer memory foam cushioned insoles
  • Thick and cozy Berber
  • Arch support
  • Indoor/ outdoor
  • Moisture-wicking


  • The fur is extra and got stuck, and lacked arch support and cushioning.
  • Some were disappointed by its styling.

What Are Common Foot Changes And Problems in Older Adults?

A number of changes in the body occur with older age that also includes the change in the size and shape of feet. Our feet get wider, but not longer while we age. Sometimes feet get swollen and the tissues lose their tightness leading towards wider feet with sagging of arches.

The signs of aging can be revealed at any age, but specifically, its major signs are prominent after the fifties. Usual symptoms that have been noticed about aging feet include foot arches, pain, swellings, clawing of toes, and bunions developing. 

Main Changes in Feet shape and size with aging

  • Some changes take place in the skin like loss of hair on foot dorsum and on toes.
  • Brownish pigmentation is often observed.
  • Similarly, toenails also undergo degeneration if proper care is not done.
  • Atrophy of muscle tissues and a gradual loss in mass of muscles.
  • Vulnerability to injuries on foot
  • Metatarsal prolapse, that is actually a pain in the ball of the foot
  • Displacement of fat pad or sole of the foot.
  • Heel pain and difficulty in walking

Problems associated with aging feet

With older age, bones get weaker. So, it becomes hard to keep balance while walking. With aging, there is more chance of Arthritis. Such types of weaknesses can lead to falling. These falls result in fractures, injuries and may prove even lethal. Here again, there is actually a need for the best walking shoes for every single individual. These mishaps can happen with anyone, So, there is a need to buy the best shoes for aging feet.

Some of the major problems related to aging feet are described here to make it easier to resolve



best shoes for problem feet

Due to repeated pressure and abrasion, a stiffened kind of folding develops on skin that has different effects.

Fallen Arches or Flat Feet

best shoes for problem feet

It usually happens when tendons that play a role in supporting the arch of the foot become weak and as a result, there is complete contact of feet to the ground. This condition mostly leads to severe kind of a pain in back as well as knee and difficulty in walking


best shoes for problem feet

At the basal joint of big toe a bump of bony nature forms that enforce joint to protrude outwards.



best shoes for wide feet

A kind of deformation takes place when joints of the toe curls into a downward direction rather than towards the forward point.


best shoes for problem feet

The wearing and tearing occur both in males and females at the percentage of almost 10 and 16 respectively. Gouty Arthritis is another major problem that involves the formation of crystals of uric acid and causes pain in the big toe.

What are the Important Suggestions to Reduce Foot Problems?

buy online the best shoes for aging feet

Some vital suggestions for the purpose are,

  • Revitalizing aging feet by using products for foot care. Plants extracts and essential oils can easily rejuvenate feet.
  • Coconut oil has a good softening effect as well as fighting against microbial invaders.
  • You should check out the soles of your older shoes, they must be in worn-out condition. If not, then there must be loosening in the shape and softening the texture of sole may have turned into the harder one.
  • Along with the right pair of shoes like adaptive shoes for the elderly, the most important thing to avoid falls or any such painful incidents the habit of exercise. Yes, some recent researches have proved that exercising of ankle and foot can improve the safety of walking.
  • You should also avoid the type of shoes that are not actually fitting rightly in our feet.
  • The people of older age suffer more because of those unfit shoes. So, try to decide on adaptive shoes for your feet.


Along with a hectic and fast routine particularly in old age, it is hard to attain activities and entertainment. Yet today’s remarkable reforms and life accessories made it possible. Proper guidance and instructions, as added in content can improve the lifestyle while our deep research-based on the best shoes for aging feet will make you more energetic and on the move.
If any idea or point is missed by us, feel free to add in comments. For sure your recommendations would improve the lives of others.