Make Shoes Slippery For Dancing

When it comes to choosing the right shoe for you, we’ve added a breakdown of the key features and benefits of every shoe. Similarly, our thorough search based guide relating your quarry “how to make shoes slippery for dancing” makes your decision one step easier, letting you keep dancing to the rhythm of your beat!

A suitable friction presence between your shoe sole and floor makes you dance comfortably with no break.

For this purpose, have a study of all methods and pick any you feel fine plus to save time. 

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1: The Olive Oil Method


  • A coarse sandpaper
  • A paper towel
  • Olive oil
  • Damp cloth

It is one of the best and simple ways to make shoes slippery. This method is also suitable for rubber soles. Follow these steps to make your slipper more slippery for fast dance.

Step 1: Make sure footwears are dirt-free. For this, use any dry piece of cloth or soft clean brush to remove dust both from the upper part and sole. To make any footwear super clean, visit our guide for “How To Wash Stinky Shoes In The Washing Machine Easily

Step 2: On the sole, start rubbing with sandpaper. In small concentric circles, rub firmly. This rubbing process needs some care because you’re forming a pattern on the sole of the dancing footwear. The time you spend will be worth it when you’re done. Repeat this until the circle pattern is created.

Step 3: When you have put in place the circles using sandpaper, apply a paltry amount of olive oil on a paper towel, then use this to clean off the rubber shavings from the shoe.

Step 4: In the last step, apply the olive oil properly. Using a clean paper towel, rub olive oil into the sole of the shoe so that instead of air, what you have filled up the spaces is oil. It will turn your sneaker very slippery, and you can dance as you want.

2: Using The Sandpaper Method

how to turn tennis shoes into dance shoes
Sandpaper Method

Another simple way is using only sandpaper. It’s rubbing on the sole will lessen the force of friction between the floor and your feet. Better to use this process for hard soles like leather made soles. 

Step 1: Pick a damp towel to make shoe sole dirt free. Remove that dirt, sand, and other rough materials completely.

Step 2: Now have sandpaper and Scrub the sole gently and smoothly with sandpaper. Repeat it to make fewer air spaces available in the sole.

Step 3: Put on the shoes and look for sandy terrain that you can step on them. Do this as completely as possible. Otherwise, you can scrub it against a rough surface.

After it, your footwear will have less friction and will slide better on the dance floor.

4. The Moleskin Method to make shoes slippery for dancing

It is a suitable substitution for a stick-on suede sole. The Moleskin, as displayed in the image, are easily available in any pharmacy. As its placement on the sole reduces the friction, so it is a working idea that you must try.

Moleskin Method

5. The Gaffer Tape Method

how to make ballet shoes more slippery

Another valuable adhesive is the gaffer tape, a pressure-sensitive tape with strong adhesive and tensile properties, which comprises heavy cotton cloth. Its surface is so smooth and slippery, deliver this property to your shoe sole. As it’s a tape rolled up, just stick it onto the footwear lower part, until you have covered the whole surface. 

6. Cobbler make slip my Shoe

Why not a cobbler, but go for a professional one for this purpose. It is one of the best ways to make your shoes more smooth. Maybe it’ll cost you more than the DIY methods, but you can have a better and more lasting outcome when you let a professional handle it.

How To Make Jazz Shoes More Slippery for dancing

How To Make Jazz Shoes More Slippery

A jazz shoe is a flexible type of shoe loved by dancers, which typically comes in a tan or black color.

These are accessible in many styles, with varied features. Different types are high-rise or low-rise, and maybe slip-on or lace-up. Mostly jazz soles are made up of rubber for good traction and also assist to cushion the foot, while some are available with thicker heels for better shock-absorption. 

A jazz shoe is ideal for dancing on cement or wooden flooring that is too smooth. Its rubber sole has enough traction for such slippery surfaces, so suitable to dance.

But if you feel that the sole of a jazz shoe is rough or feels like you are turning in the sand or like sticking to the ground, then try these simple ways to make Jazz slippers more slippery and easy to turn.

  • Make shoes slippery for dancing by using a paper towel and add water to it and just rub your shoes into it. This method is used by many dancers. Try it and check the result.
  • Have a damp towel in the corner and use it like you use dance rosin. It will moisten the sole.
  • Applying a few drops of olive oil will work, as added above.

How To Turn Tennis Shoes Into Dance/slippery Shoes

how to make ballet shoes more slippery
How To Turn Tennis Shoes Into Dance/Slippery Shoes

If you don’t like to buy expensive dance shoes or want to turn any shoe like tennis footwear into a dance one, then we have a wonderful DIY CRAFT solution which is simple too. It will make your shoe slippery so it can be suitable for ballet.

Just select an extra pair of socks. Cut Its front part about 1 inch. Then mount it on your both shoes’ front parts, as explained by the images.

In this way, the front sole will become skiddy, makes shoes slippery for dancing.

Frequently Asked Question Answer relating Dancing Shoe

Q1: Can you wear dance footwear outside?

Ans: Such shoes are particularly designed to dance on glassy floors. As the sole is also smooth, so these should not be put on outside. Your regular use for outside can lose their grip, which provides good traction on the dance floor.

Q: Is any kind of oil suitable to make my shoes more slippery for dancing?

Ans: No, other oils rather than olive oil are not recommended to make shoes slippery for dancing. Olive oil is highly suitable, plus a safe thing for making the sole of your shoe slippery. 

3Q: What footwear should I wear to dance?

Ans: A desirably sized heel like flare style is better for women, You can buy ballroom shoes that possess suede on the sole for balance and turns. For men, a flat shoe with a smooth sole is secure to move in.

These must be lighter weight than street footwear, making them easier to bend with a suede or leather sole. It offers more space for movement while keeping your heel in place. A ballet shoe or lower heel dance sneaker with a slippery sole is the purpose for the square.

4Q: How can I make my dance shoes more comfortable?

To soften them, Spray rubbing alcohol on the inner sides of the footwear that are not feeling comfortable. The alcohol helps to soften the shoe without harm, and the shoe will stretch to fit your foot as you put on it. Instead of Heat the inside of the shoe with a hairdryer before wearing. Wear them for a few minutes with thick wool socks.

Q5: Does Ballet ruin your feet?

Ans: Ballet footwear can be the reason for foot pain, bruise, and maybe foot damage for dancers. Ballet dancers not on pointe can also face foot, shin, and ankle pain.

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