Made in the USA, the Allen Almonds dress shoe (since 1922) is illuminated as the most comfortable men’s casual shoes. Along with usual shoe concern, it is mostly asked by many, “How To Lace Allen Edmonds?

Lacing your shoes may not be an exciting part of your dressing. Rather it can be a boring activity performed with an absent mind but if you focus on tricks to lace them in artistic ways it is a complicated but creative activity.

Although shoe lacing is usually done for a perfect fit and to prevent your sneakers from falling if you lace them in some interesting and specific way according to the type of your footwear, it would add to the style and look.

Every footwear type can not be laced up in the same way. As you don’t wear a type of shoes at every event or occasion. You don’t wear joggers in meetings, in the same way, you don’t wear dress shoes in a walk or run.


Do you know how to lace Allen Edmonds shoes?

Why pay attention to your shoelaces?

What length is normally required for dress shoes?

What do eyelets mean in shoes?

How to wash Shoelaces in a Washing Machine?


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Do you know how to lace Allen Edmonds shoes?

Formal Suits and dress pants look graceful with dress shoes. But dress shoes like Allen Edmonds don’t give a formal classy look if they are laced up like regular canvas or sneakers. 

And if you don’t lace and tie them nicely, they will not give a particular impression that is renowned for Allen Edmonds.

There are many styles to lace and tie dress shoes, but some methods are specifically famous for Allen Edmonds. Let’s have a look at them.

But wait for a minute, before starting lacing the shoes here is a bonus tip to make the procedure easier to understand.

Most of the men’s dress shoes have five or six lace holes on them, which are called eyelets. If your pair of shoes have an odd number of holes or eyelets, keep one end of lace longer than the other one, but if the number of holes is even like six eyelets, then keep them equal on both ends.

1- Straight bars lacing method

Now start lacing them with the first method of bars lacing style, by following these simple steps:

  • Keep one lace end longer than the other.
  • Start lacing with the longer end.
  • Insert the lace from the outer side of the first eyelet hole.
  • Bring it out from the inside of the second eyelet hole of the opposite side. 
  • Insert it from the second hole of the first side and bring it out from the next whole of the other side.
  • By repeating the process, you‘ll find all the eyelet holes filled except the first hole on the opposite side.
  • Now bring the inserted end in the last eyelet out from the first hole of the opposite side.
  • This repetition would make classy straight bars on the top that look quite elegant in dress shoes.

The second method has a little twist. Follow these steps for the second bars lacing method:

  • Keep one end of lace longer than the other and start with the longer end.
  • Start from the first eyelet by inserting the lace.
  • Bring it out from the second hole of the same side
  • Insert it in the second hole of the other side 
  • Bring it out from the third hole of the same side
  • Repeat the process till the inserted end in the hole comes out from the first eyelet left empty at the start 
  • Classy looking bars are ready to tie and get a formal look along with a perfect fit.

In the end, if laces on both sides are not equal, you can pull them in the bars and tighten them equally before making a knot.

2- Criss Cross method To Lace Allen Edmonds

How to Tie Allen Edmonds Shoes
Criss Cross method

To lace your Allen Edmonds in this traditional style, you can take the start in two ways. For the first way, follow these steps:

  • Keep both the ends equal.
  • Start lacing from the toe side end.
  • Bring out both ends from the first eyelets on both sides, making a straight bar in the inner side.
  • Make a cross with laces on the ends and go down from the middle.
  • Bring out them from the next eyelet on both sides.
  • Repeat the process and fill out all the holes by coming out from the last holes, and make a knot.

The second method is not much desirable, but you can follow it if you like:

  • Keep one end of laces longer than the other.
  • Bring out the longer end from the inside of the first eyelet.
  • Bring it out from the second hole of the other side by going down from the middle cut.
  • Again come out from the next hole by going down from the middle, making a cross on the top
  • Repeat it until filling in the holes till the end
  • Now come out from the first hole of the other side 
  • Make the laces equal on both ends and make a knot.

3- Diagonal style of lacing

How to Tie Allen Edmonds Shoes

The Individualist diagonal method provides you a feeling of freedom to make your way, your style, and your own rules( while lacing-up Allen Edmonds). You can easily lace-up with this style by following these steps:

  • Take an equal length of both sides of shoelaces.

  • Start from the top side
  • Insert the lace in the first eyelet and bring out from the second eyelet of the other side on the top.
  • Pick the other end of the shoelace and bring it out the first hole of the other side by going down from the middle cut, making a half bar on the top.
  • Insert the same end in the second hole and bring out from the third hole of the opposite side.
  • Pick the other end coming out from the second eyelet, and insert in the third eyelet of the other side, making a slanting bar on the top along with a slating bar on the inner side.
  • Repeat it until you come out from the last holes on both sides.
  • Equalize the laces by slipping the bars and a make knot.

4- Bow tie style of lacing up dress shoes

How to Tie Allen Edmonds Shoes
Bow tie style

5- Double Back style of lacing dress shoes

The Architect technique of shoe lace-up provides structure to your formal footwear. Following indications help you to put on this method.

  • Feed up the lace from the first hole by pulling straight 
  • Cross them in a slanting position and go down from next side by side eyelets
  • Come out from the next two holes making a cross underneath.
  • Crisscross till the end on the heel side and tie them

This style makes almost three crosses on the top if you have six holes in your footwear.

How to tie Allen Edmonds dress shoes

This discussion would be left incomplete if we don’t describe the tie knots for the Allen Edmonds dress shoes. Let’s make you tie your favorite footwear with two types of knots :

  • Surgeon knot
  • Bow-knot

To Lace Allen Edmonds with a surgeon knot

To Lace Allen Edmonds with a surgeon knot by following these easy steps:

  • a normal knot by crossing the laces and passing one end under that cross
  • Make it tight, but not much
  • Twist one end and make a loop
  • Pick the second end and cover the first loop and go down by covering the first loop but leave a small space a d make another loop
  • Pinch the second loop inside the first loop and create another loop coming after wrapping the first loop.
  • Now pull the lace from that small loop like pinching and make a loop with that end.
  • Equal both the loops and make a tight knot

This knot-tying is very easy to untie. Pull the end of the second loop, and so the knot is untied.

Make a bow shoelace knot by following these instructions. 

  • Start with a regular knot.
  • Make two loops with both the laces
  • Tie them and tighten them with the same regular knot.

Both the knots look the same. But the bow knot is easier to make. To untie it, pull both ends, and it is opened.

Why pay attention to your shoelaces?

Imagine a gentleman wearing a dress shirt, a necktie, a well-creased dress pant, and canvas shoes, or sneakers. What a vague image pops up in your mind. Yeah, sure, you were expecting decent dress shoes laced up decently with some decorative knots.

But the question is, why only lace-up closure? Why not hook and loop closure or velcro closure?

The footwear industry tried to divert the attention of people from the traditional lace-up to alternative closures. But no other closure can replace the laces closure system for young men. 

 Although alternative systems have their separate benefits, like slip-on, and velcro is suitable for aged people for quick release or put on and off facility. But you can never ignore the benefits of lace shoes:

  • Tying shoelaces is an activity that children around six years must try to learn. Tying knots improve their motor and cognitive skills.
  • Lace closure keeps the footwear firmly placed with a snug fit.
  • That keeps the children from any harm and foot injury.
  • Tying small knots and double knots is fun for kids and a style for elders.
  • Tightening shoes with laces gives firm ankle support.
  • Athletes like laces closure to the extent that they use shoe fastening devices.

Final Words

American-based formal shoe brand Allen Edmonds offers a large variety of formal dress shoes to men with all the width, shape, and size of feet. With flexibility and long-lasting durability, they are very comfortable to wear on every formal occasion. After following this guide, you will be able to find the best ways how to lace Allen Edmonds and, if you wear them with an elegant style of shoe lacing and make a decent tie-knot of shoelaces, they look more charming and add a lot to your decency.


Q: What length is normally required for dress shoes?

Ans: Dress shoes generally have 5-6 sets of eyelets. And for the shoes with this number of holes you need 30 inches long laces. 

Q: What do eyelets mean in shoes?

Ans: The holes in the shoes to thread the laces are called eyelets. Usually, a ring made of brass or metal is punched in these holes. They allow laces to fasten and the footwear to be tightened.

Q: How to wash Shoelaces in a Washing Machine?

Ans: As dress shoes are not washable, you can wash your shoelaces by removing them from the shoes. You can put them in a mesh lingerie bag to prevent getting entangled in the machine. But we recommend washing them by hand.

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