How can I loosen my crocs shoes?

You want to get rid of this gap so bad, but can’t figure out how to do it. Well here’s a guide on how to loosen up your new favorite footwear!

(Note: I am by no means an expert at slip-ons or shoes, heck I don’t even know what crochet uppers are! Please feel free to correct/inform me about anything written below)

As everyone knows, Crocs are very popular footwear. They have been around for over 10 years and they’ve only gotten better since then. One of the reasons why people buy these shoes is because they can tighten their shoes so much that it becomes impossible to slip them off unless you take out the insole (which is actually quite difficult) or if you cut your feet off…

The main reason why people want to loosen their crocs is because they’re easy to slip on without bending down and annoying others by showing your dirty/sweaty/salty feet.

I googled ways on how to do this but i didn’t get even close enough results so i decided to write this guide!

-What you’ll need-

1) A pair of crocs with a hole on the strap

2) Scissors/knife/something sharp to cut open the strap.

3) Something to clean up the sharp edges from cutting open your beloved shoes. I used a pipe cleaner but i guess a toothpick or eraser would work too. 

4) Super glue (optiona l )  or pliers (not optional).

Glueing back the shoestring is NOT recommended unless you want it to last *forever*.

You can use superglue or just pull at the strings and it will eventually come off. If you do this, please check out [this post] . It shows a better way to re-string a croc.

Ok so here we go!

1) Look at the strap of your crocs and locate where you can insert a string through. There will be two holes on each side of the shoe that let you do this! You want to look for one in between or close to these spots:

The middle spot is actually my favorite because it’s not that noticeable but it still helps with loosening up my shoes. It also doesn’t carry any risk since it’s just vertically cut open (so no chance of cutting yourself!)

2) Find something sharp to poke/cut through the strap in order to thread your string in there. I used scissors because I don’t have anything else under my sink, but a knife would of been better for this.

I also had a pipe cleaner with me so i used that to clean up the edges and it did a great job!

3) After your string is threaded through on both sides, pull at the ends to loosen up your shoes. You can pull as hard as you want until you’re satisfied about how loose they are!

4) Clean up any sharp edges on the strap from cutting it open if you decided not to use scissors.

A toothpick or eraser would work too, but be careful while using these because they might create rough edges rather than smoothing them out.

If you decide to cut off more excess string after tightening your shoes, don’t do it too low or else your shoes won’t be able to be tightened again.

5) Optional: Use pliers to re-string the crocs back together. If you want, you can use superglue on the string and strap so the shoe will never come undone!

Before you start tightening up your crocs, think about how tight you want them to be. I recommend going in small increments because if they’re already very loose for a person who likes a tight fit, there’s no reason why this process would help in any way.

Also please keep any sharp objects out of children reach just in case they get tempted into trying something that could possibly harm them or others around them!  Happy sweeping!

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