Best Women’s Sandals For Plantar Fasciitis | 5 ladies walking sandals 2021

“Hard to forget that day, for which I was eagerly waiting. That was my heart-core friend’s wedding, but I didn’t enjoy it to my full zeal because of Plantar Fasciitis. I did neither dance nor active as I used to for such cute events.” Yes, such scenes happen to many, suffering various foot problems. We are here to advise valuable best Women’s Sandals For Plantar Fasciitis including a guide to making your everyday and events just wahooo.

Relating your query, “How To Cure/Heel Plantar Fasciitis In One Weekwe have added an ultimate guide, so don’t miss to benefit. 

When suffering from plantar fasciitis, you normally feel pain in the ball of the heel or the arch of the foot. Some patients explain the pain as sensing like a bruise or an ache. The pain usually goes away once you start walking around. With continued walking, the ache may return but usually stops after rest. 

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  • Why Is Plantar Fasciitis More Common Among Women?

  • Home remedies for planters fasciitis treatment

  • Why are my feet so sore in the morning?

  • Does plantar fasciitis cause hip pain?

Our advised best Women’s Sandals For Plantar Fasciitis

⏩ 1: Vionic Women's Amber vionic sandals for plantar fasciitis

Comparison vionic sandals for plantar fasciitis

Vionic Rest Farra 4.5/5

Vionic Sandals For Plantar Fasciitis

Vionic Rest Kirra  4.3/5

Vionic Sandals For Plantar Fasciitis

Vionic Tide II  4.3/5


Vionic Sandals For Plantar Fasciitis


Vionic shoes part with required stability and addictive comfort. 

People ask for plantar fasciitis shoes by VIONIC name. With thousands of monthly google searches, these Vionic sandals are highly recommended by our advisors. 

Our team advisor advises you to buy one or half size smaller than your regular shoe size. Though these would hug your cute feet perfectly because of four adjustable straps, follow the size chart carefully. Vionic Itself recommend for Sandals as,

Sandals only available in whole sizes, we suggest sizing down to the nearest whole size if you wear a half size. For instance, if you usually wear a size 7.5, order a size 7 sandal.

To wash, remove dirt and dust with dry cotton fabric. Do not soak in water or use solvents to clean sandals. Plus Commercial dry cleaning or home wash/dry laundry machines are not advised.

Soak a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and use it to wipe down the footbed of your sandals.

If you feel any odor, as felt by few users, then better to apply foot deodorant.

IN SHORT vionic sandals for plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis Score               97%

Amazon USA                           4.3/5

VOINIC Store                          4.4/5 

Arch Support                          Good

Comfort                                 Excellent

Quality                                  Fine 

Gender              Women

Shoe type          In and outdoor sandals

Brand                VIONIC

Colors                5 (Gold Croc high in demand)

Closure              Adjustable hook-and-loop

Material              Man made 100% Synthetic

Sole                   Rubber 

Footbed              Microfiber-covered

Technology          Orthaheel Technology 

Season                Summer best 


Four points of adjustability so perfect fit

comfortable and smart looking

Durable Rubber Outsole extended contraction stability

Microfiber Wrapped EVA Footbed

American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance

Three-Zone Comfort with Ultimate Arch Support

flexible EVA midsole

Good arch support


º Performance over time is not satisfactory, not suitable for standing all-day

⏩ 2: Clarks Women's Leisa Vine Platform best Clark sandals for plantar fasciitis

Comparison with other Clark Sandals For plantar fasciitis

Arla Shaylie Platform  4.5 /5

best Clark sandals for plantar fasciitis

Clarks Arla Primrose 4.3/5

best Clark sandals for plantar fasciitis

Clarks Saylie Quartz 4.6/5

best Clark sandals for plantar fasciitis

Clark sandals or slippers are always high in demand. Each year and is one of the best Women’s Sandals For Plantar Fasciitis. Clarks sell more than 50 million pairs of footwear.

In over 75 countries, there are more than 1400 Clarks’ stores worldwide.

So, have you been on the hunt for the best Clark sandals for plantar fasciitis then pick the best one, we selected after a deep search.

The straps of its top are crafted from elegant, full-grain leather. A simple strap closing at the ankle provides it a right fit, and a firm but airy EVA outsole gives it lightweight. The various densities of Clarks Cushion Soft padding with an OrthoLite footbed overcome the shock and improve comfort.  


IN SHORT Clark Sandals For Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis Score          99%     

Amazon USA                       4.6/5

CLARK store                        5/5

Arch Support                      Good

Comfort                             Excellent

Quality                              Excellent

Gender              Women

Shoe type           In and outdoor sandals

Brand                CLARK

Colors                6 (nice red)

Closure              Adjustable hook-and-loop

Material             100% Leather

Sole                   Rubber 

Footbed              Ortholite

Technology          Cushion Soft technology

Season                Summer best  


very lightweight

Textile Lining Material 

Contrast stitching, bronzed hardware

A high-rebound foam inlay to absorb impact

Durable synthetic outsole

Suitable heel height for sore feet

Velcro fastener on the strap for true comfort and fit

OrthoLite footbed reduces impact and promotes comfort


Ο According to few these are not suitable for wide feet and ankle strap rubs as well

⏩ 3: BIRKENSTOCK Women's Gizeh Thong Sandal plantar fasciitis birkenstock sandals

Comparison with other plantar fasciitis birkenstock sandals

Birkenstock Arizona 4.7/5

plantar fasciitis birkenstock sandals

BIRKENSTOCK Mayari 4.6/5

plantar fasciitis birkenstock sandals

 Arizona Essentials 4.6/5

plantar fasciitis birkenstock sandals

Yes, Birkenstocks sandals are sooooo comfortable! These are a sanctuary for your feet. In honesty, Birkenstock is quite open about the fact that this is orthopedic-inspired footwear. 

These are well-made, long-lasting products that are assured to be worth the effort.

The cork molds to your foot’s form and lessens stress on your arch by giving steady support along the length of your foot.

To wash Birkenstock use water & stain Repellent regularly to shield above Leather, Suede, and Nubuck from water and dust. Apply Nubuck/Suede brush to the uppers, to remove dust and restore the nap. For Birko-flor and birkibuc uppers, just clean with a moist fabric. Use soap or detergent and water to erase stubborn spots.

To prolong the life of your cork footbed we advise you to keep the light coating of cork sealant around the edge, which protects the cork from the elements and limits it from drying out.

If you feel a lingering odor from your Birkenstocks, sprinkle a little quantity of baking soda on the footbed and let it sit for many hours or overnight. End by rubbing excess baking soda away with a soft fabric.

It is advised that the Birkenstock® Narrow width can accommodate both traditional narrow and medium widths. 

IN SHORT Best Women’s Sandals For Plantar Fasciitis Birkenstock sandals

Plantar Fasciitis Score          99%     

Amazon USA                       4.6/5

CLARK store                        5/5

Arch Support                      Excellent

Comfort                             Excellent

Quality                              Excellent

Gender               Women

Shoe type           In and outdoor sandals

Brand                 Birkenstocks

Colors                More than 40( style, shades)

Closure               Buckle closure

Material              100%Synthetic and leather

Sole                   Ethylene Vinyl Acetate

Footbed              Contoured footbed with cork midsole

Technology          EVA cushioning technology

Season                Summer best   


perfect for warm days and evenings

an adjustable buckle for the perfect fit

Anatomically correct cork footbed

Cork is 100% renewable and sustainable

Raised toe bar for natural gripping foot motion 

Flexible EVA outsole offers lightweight, shock-absorbing support



Hardly any

⏩ 4: OOFOS - Unisex OOriginal - Post Exercise Active Sports plantar fasciitis OOFOS sandals

Comparison with other plantar fasciitis OOFOS sandals

OOFOS OOlala 4.6/5

 plantar fasciitis OOFOS sandals

OOFOS – Unisex OOahh 4.5/5

 plantar fasciitis OOFOS sandals

OOFOS OOahh Luxe 4.3/5

 plantar fasciitis OOFOS sandals 

OOFOS sandal is engineered to support your arches and cradle your footbed. The soft OOfoam™ material serves to absorb shock so that when you’re walking, energy gets replaced to the side rather than moving back up into your body.

Having your OOFOS looking new is easy. You can either roll them in your washer on the cold cycle with a mild cleanser or rub them in the tub with a brush and soft soap. To wash use cold water on the gentle cycle.

Many customers reported comfort from the pain united with Plantar Fasciitis and the bone spurs that can accompany this condition. It is because with OOfoam and our biomechanically engineered footbed aid to develop circulation, which in turn helps tissue on the plantar (bottom) of the foot gain mobility, thus taking the stress off.

IN SHORTplantar fasciitis OOFOS sandals

Plantar Fasciitis Score          98%     

Amazon USA                       4.7/5

Oofos store                        5/5

Arch Support                      Excellent

Comfort                             Excellent

Quality                              Good

Gender               Women/men

Shoe type           In and outdoor sandals

Brand                 OOFOS

Colors                 6

Material              100% Synthetic 

Sole                    foam Sole  

Footbed               patented 

Technology           OOfoam Recovery

Season                 Summer best   


Absorbs 37% more impact than traditional footwear

Moisture and odor resistant materials.

Help reduce stress on sore feet, knees, and lower back.

Traction pattern at the outsole

closed-cell foam that has non-toxic properties

machine washable

Man-made upper materials

Lightweight and shock absorption

A supportive shoe for all-day wearing


ο Can be slippery when wet so be careful

ο  Few complaints  regarding low quality

⏩ 5: Chaco Women's Zcloud 2 Sport Sandal Chaco sandals for plantar fasciitis

comparison Plantar Fasciitis CHACO Sandals

Chaco Zcloud Athletic 4.7/5

 Chaco Sandals For Plantar Fasciitis

Chaco ZX2 Classic  4.5/5

 Chaco Sandals For Plantar Fasciitis

Chaco Women’s Chillos 4.5/5


 Chaco Sandals For Plantar Fasciitis

IN SHORT Plantar Fasciitis CHACO Sandals

Plantar Fasciitis Score          99%     

Amazon USA                       4.6/5

CHAOS store                       5/5

Arch Support                      Good

Comfort                             Excellent

Quality                              Excellent

Gender               Women

Shoe type           In and outdoor sandals

Brand                 CHACO

Colors                 17

Material              100% Polyester

Sole                    Rubber sole

Footbed               certified LUVSEAT PU 

Technology           OOfoam Recovery  

Season                 Summer best   

Chacos story starts right from 1989, which was one of the first brands to offer arch plus plantar fasciitis support flip flops that were accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA). If you are a lover of outdoor adventures, but battling plantar fasciitis at the same time, then go for these Chaco sandals for plantar fasciitis. 

No problem if these sandals get wet or dirty. As these are not made of leather so wash your CHACOS in the washing machine easily.  

Well, The sandals only arrive in whole sizes. Our advice is if you wear a half size to go down to the next whole size for Chacos. For many buyers, that easy rule of sizing will help them to get the right Chaco size.

If your Chacos have a smell (because they’re relaxed enough to use for 12-hour-stretches, which you do), don’t worry. Just scrub the footbed with a stiff brush and a mix of water and baking soda. Don’t soak but quickly air-dry your pair. 

When it comes to summertime and hot weather, feet need some space. While some shoes confine and create a sweaty environment, Chacos provide a durable sandal that allows feet and toes to wiggle, move, and breathe.

Chacos were designed for water sports for example, and have great footbed grip for your foot, as well as a toe holder. So water sports lovers might prefer these Best Women’s Sandals For Plantar Fasciitis. However, another great option is water shoes for hiking.


Straps are easy off and easy on

Polyester jacquard webbing

Designed for water sports as well

Good water shoes for hiking.

Durable sandal allows feet and toes to wiggle


Ο Relatively heavy as compare to others

Features of doctor-recommended shoes for plantar fasciitis

Not all orthotics are designed the same! Fascia Bar technology is the difference between usual shoes and plantar fasciitis footwear. 

As per searches, the average woman walks 3 miles more each day than the average man, so that might be why women are four times inclined to endure foot aches than men. it could be the reality that 9 out of 10 women usually put on shoes that are too small! So dear be careful while beating this problem via suitable shoes.

In one research, 14% of victims marked an improvement in their plantar fasciitis symptoms just by using more supportive footwear. In short right footwear means better shock absorption, better cushioning, and limited heel movement.

When looking for the best women’s sandals for Plantar Fasciitis, whether you are a senior citizen or an athlete, you may face heel pain and sore soles. Plantar fasciitis is a common one. Athletes may develop these problems earlier, but 50% of victims are aging people.

The best way to handle the problem is a doctor or podiatrist recommended shoes. Because a doctor can accurately diagnose your problem, that would lead toward the appropriate footwear choice with features required for your feet.

Here is an overview of those features that doctors recommend for feet having plantar fasciitis.

Cushioning footbed (cushioning in the midfoot)

Feet suffering from plantar fasciitis must avoid direct impact on heels, the famous podiatrist, Dr. Nelya Lobkova is of the view. To restrict foot strike on the hard surface while walking,

  • extra rigid footbed
  • Midfoot support
  • Thick cushioning
  • Thick midsole or rocker bottom
  • Orthotic insoles having several layers of shock-absorbing materials that can be carbons, foams, or gel, will help a lot.

Soft impact while walking

A famous podiatrist surgeon Dr. Ricardo Cook, recommends footwear that provides ground strike resistance while walking and causes soft impact while walking on the hard surfaces. For the best choice, observe your foot shape closely. Flat feet need adequate arch support, but it’s a hindrance for a high arch.


Extra-depth of the contoured footbeds in slippers or shoes provides pressure-free comfortable room for the aching foot. Custom orthotic insoles evenly distribute your weight on the feet.

Wide and roomy toe box:

Whether square or round, the toe box must be wide enough for the foot-facing plantar fasciitis. So that toes must not be squeezed or overlapped. There must be ample room for toes to sit and be aligned. Otherwise, it can cause hammertoes and bunions as well.

Deep heel cups

Heels are affected the most in plantar fasciitis and need more cushioning because of plantar fasciitis. Padded and deep heel cups provide a better stabilization for the feet with plantar fasciitis. 

Ergonomic soles are also suitable for heel pain relief. They control ankle and midfoot motion and reduce heel pounding.

Removable Footbeds

For better arch support, removable footbeds are a better option. You can replace them with custom orthotics, according to the problem and the shape of the feet. 

In winters, slippers having cozy linings with fur keep the feet warm and relieve the distress.

Shock Absorption properties

For more comfort and to minimize shock and impact, thick rubber soles are highly recommended. They provide good traction as well. Moreover, shoes made of soft, stretchable, and flexible material add comfort and support aching in plantar fasciitis.

Orthotic and Arch support

From the podiatrist’s point of view, arch and heel support are more important than cushioning. Orthopedic insoles that provide adequate arch support at the right location cause comfort and relief for sore feet.

Common symptoms of planters fasciitis

  • You wake up in the morning and take your first step. Or when you stand up and walk after long hours of sitting, you feel a dull pain in the heels. After a while, it vanishes away.
  • Sometimes you feel this problem when you step. After an exercise or a workout, you feel a stabbing shock.
  • 80% of patients report a tight Achilles tendon, a muscle that connects the calf to the heel.
  • Inflammation of torn fascia, the ligament that connects heel and toes.
  • Aching bottom of the foot, worse in the morning.
  • Aching foot arch
  • A swollen heel.
  • Continuous discomfort in feet for months
  • A stabbing pain near the heel or anywhere in the foot bottom
  • The pain develops gradually, which can sharp and dull
  • Heel stiffness make stair climbing difficult 
  • You do not feel ache during the walk or exercise but after the end of the activity

Why Is Plantar Fasciitis More Common Among Women

Plantar fasciitis is not only common in runners but women as well. Women of 40-60 years are more likely to be affected by this foot condition.

Here are the most common causes of women being disproportionately affected by this problem

  • Hormonal influences make the women more vulnerable

  • Extra weight in pregnancy causes strain on the plantar fascia that leads to foot pain

  • Mothers or working ladies who stand on their feet all day are an easy victim of this problem

  •  Inappropriate fashionable shoes and heels are the main cause of inflammation on ligaments

  • Certain types of exercise and activities putting a lot of pressure on the heels

  •  Long-distance running

  •  Ballet dance or aerobic dance

  • Deficiency of Vitamin D and calcium

  • High level of cholesterol

  • Musculoskeletal 

  • Inadequate footgear

  • Non-supportive shoes like ballet flats, and flip-flops

  • Excessive running or jumping 

Home remedies for planters fasciitis treatment

Your feet need a break. Give them rest. We will tell you some home remedies, recommended by physicians and experienced by the people.

♥ Daily intake of curcumin, an active compound found in turmeric, provides a long term relief. Anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric repair sprain, muscle strain, and plantar fasciitis. Turmeric for plantar fasciitis is considered highly effective.

♥ Herbal treatment is always better than taking medicine. Herbs like Ginger, Horsetail, Willow, Feverfew, are widely used for this purpose. Bromelain, Green tea, Calendula, Arnica, Chamomile, Meadowsweet, and Tea Tree are the herbs that won’t disappoint you.

Black seed oil for plantar fasciitis: Essential Oils like lemongrass oil, peppermint, grapeseed oil, frankincense are effective.

♥ 2-3 grams of the black seed oil is suitable to use daily for 8-12 weeks to lose weight and reduce blood sugar level, which causes heel discomfort.

♥ plantar fasciitis massage like Deep tissue massage helps to loosen the tight ligaments, tendons, and fascia, to their normal position.

♥ The use of insoles and orthotics can change the foot biomechanics according to the shape and support them accordingly. That lessens down foot problems and pain.

♥ Avoid the food mentioned below to stop plantar fasciitis from getting worse

  1. Foods made of refined grains 

  2. Foods made of trans fats and sugar

  3. Animal proteins with a lot of saturated fat

  4. White flour used in snacks, pasta, and desserts


Although home remedies, massage, and exercises can reduce inflammation in the feet, the most helpful technique is to use supportive and suitable walking Best Women’s Sandals For Plantar Fasciitis according to your feet problems. Our feet are protected and dependent on shoes. The minimalist shoes are the most recommended ones by podiatrists. So pay keen attention while buying footwear for you. Stay healthy, stay blessed.


Q: Why are my feet so sore in the morning?

Ans: Inflammation and tightness of your plantar fascia ligament cause foot pain that is worse in the morning when you wake up. That is called plantar fasciitis.

 Q: How can you recover plantar fasciitis fast?

Ans: Physical therapies, massage, stretch exercises, and doctor recommended supportive shoes and insoles can speed up the recovery.

Q: Does plantar fasciitis cause hip pain?

Ans: If the plantar pain is not cured in time, it can affect the hip and lower back.