best walking shoes for hip and knee pain Reviews 2021 | Buyer’s Guide

Hip hip hooray! With great zeal, everyone loves to enjoy each day, but your hip or knee may cry in the middle of the party, making you sit throughout the day. Yes, our foot problems demand extra caring attention so that we can be an astir dancing partner. Along with other precautions and treatments, the best walking shoes for hip and knee pain would be the game-changer solution.

As you grow older, the devastation of articular cartilage and joints result in hip and knee pain. About  12.4 million people at the age of 65 and 33.6 % of adults become victims of hip and knee pain. It is observed that women are the more common victim of this problem than men. You may have trouble flexing the joint and feel worse when you kneel or go up and downstairs. Cycling, swimming, even short walking are notably disturbed by any foot problem.

Our merited advice, based on personal experiences and long hours searches, will definitely guide you to get the exact shoe you are looking for. So save your time and pick here any shoe that will work for your hip and knee pain. 

Always, in all circumstances, wear comfortable shoes. You never know when you may have to run for your life

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Features to be considered before you buy Best Walking Shoes For Hip And Knee Pain

  • EVA Midsole, heel or forefoot pads, cushioning with gel and memory foam provides shock absorbency.
  • The footwear that gives proper arch support according to your arch shape provides shape and alignment to the feet. Even distribution of weight on feet lessens the impact on knees and hips.
  • Stability in your footwear improves your gait, running, and walking style and controls excessive pronation.
  • A firm heel counter, mid support, taller toe box that provides more room for toes to wiggle, extended bottom for extra width, light in weight for less wear and tear, removable arch support, customized inserts are some prominent features that are mandatory to be considered while buying footwear as per shape, size and condition of your feet knees and hip joint. And all these features can be found in extra depth therapeutic footwear.
  • Consider Mechanical factors to help the Pathogenesis and progression of diseases like osteoarthritis of the knee and hips bursitis.

decisive Reviews on Best Shoes for Hip and knee Pain

1: Gravity Defyer Proven Pain Relief Women G-Defy Mighty Walk Plantar Fasciitis – (BEST SHOES FOR HIP PAIN)

grafty dyfer Best Walking Shoes For Hip And Knee Pain

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It took years for USA based Defyer footwear to be a true dealer for your arthritic hips and panic knee. Yes, why not a shoe that can be like an aircraft that can absorb over 100 tons of impact and land smoothly without a jerk inside?. 

The idea travels through the minds of pioneer Alexander (mechanical engineer), podiatrists, and industrial designers to create the Impact Research Technology Group. In 2004, this smart team formed the first Gravity Defyer shoe designed to bestow the same powerful shock-absorbing technology. Its features model it as the best shoes for back and leg pain or best walking shoes for hip and knee pain. 

Key Features  

The updated featured shoe for women is introduced for Foot pain plus heel pain, arthritis, and plantar fasciitis.

  • Clinically proven Verso-Shock patented technology lessens back and foot plus absorb shock.
  • Both the fabric and synthetic material are used, 
  • VersoShock sole type
  • smooth and without seams, interior stops the irritation so ideal for diabetic neuropathy patients.
  • The shoe box contains extra inserts in them to ensure a comfortable fit. 
  • For superb cushioning, lightweight PU Core is added.
  • Perforated Finish feature (cutting of holes into the surface at regular intervals) solves your problem of foot moisture, providing extra breathability.
  • A fabric lining including an antimicrobial agent to put a brake on the growth of bacteria, fungus, viruses, etc.
  • Its rocker front soles help to redistribute plantar pressures during gait in patients with diabetes and also have clinically relevant effects on balance and gait.
  • Walking and casual wear with 8 catchy colors


  • According to the UCLA medical center, it gives 85% less knee pain, 75% less back pain
  • lightweight, a lot of cushions and very comfortable
  • The G-Comfort Orthotics are condition-specific, suitable both for flat feet and high arches
  • standard arch support and unique design of the sole
  • Stiffer, but the inside is cushiony with removable insoles
  • The way these are designed, joints don’t get all that pressure
  • shoes run true to size based on American sizes
  • Clinically proven healer for plantar fasciitis, arthritis, diabetic


  • List IteNot very suitable for wide feet or bunions because the toe box is on the pointy side look bulky but not weighty

Final Advice Must Read

Not like Marshmallows, but enough lightweight and cushioned these are. Some complained that it is heavy, but our deep search and the experience-based view are different. Even if your job makes you work on the concrete floor for around 10 hours, this best shoe will never disappoint you.

Don’t put in a washing machine, better to clean it by using vinegar or Gravity Dyfer’s suggested Shoe Care Kit. 

Interesting to know regarding its 3 pairs of the insert. The pre-added “comfort fit” is for good arch support. You can replace it with the “corrective fit” inserts. While the 3rd set of inserts, which are the thin “perfect fit” insoles, add them underneath the other insoles if the shoe feels too loose. 

Plus, you can put them on with a mix of compression socks and the extra cushion diabetic socks.

We advise you to try it if you are in search of the best walking shoes for hip and knee pain or other foot problems.

2: Z-CoiL Freedom Women Open Coil – best shoes for walking and standing all-day

Best Walking Shoes For Hip And Knee Pain

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New Mexico knew A to Z regarding the Z-coil company born in 1991. Starting was average, but spring shoe innovation put the company on a fast track. Eventually, over a million such sfootwears have been sold worldwide.

In every Z-coil footwear, a patent spring coil is designed under the heel for desirable cushioning. The impact in each step is lowered down by almost 50% over regular shoes because of having active compression over 1 inch. Enjoy new and varied styles.

Key Features

  • Standard quality soft leather and mesh combination normal heel and midfoot 
  • Replaceable coils extend the shoe life. (replaceable coils sold separately)
  • Built-in Z-Orthotic® – protects plantar ligaments
  • Reducing the impact on the ball of foot through thick forefoot cushioning of the shoe
  • Wide, toe box (D Width) and removable insoles
  • Breathable mesh for the foot freshness
  • Padded collar and tongue for foot friction reduction 
  • Partially slip-resistant outsole


  • large steel springs to cushion the heel
  • It helps keep the pressure off
  • take all the shock out of your feet, knees, hips, and back.
  • Repairable, and well fitted
  • custom adjust for your arch
  • Run a little large but true to size
  • Arch support and helps with heel pain
  • Superb comfort


  • Not very lightweight
  • Expensive

3: Gravity Defyer Proven Pain Relief Women’s G-Defy Ion Athletic Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Pain, Knee Pain

best walking shoes for hip and knee pain

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Gravity Dyfers’s G-Defy Lon makes its place in our top list as best walking shoes for hip and knee pain. It is engineered with a lightweight Omega sole featuring hidden VersoShock™ Technology, that can absorb harmful impacts and keeps the body active. The soft padded collar and tongue shields from skin irritation for long-lasting comfort.


  • Fabric and synthetic combination
  • Synthetic sole
  • Omega VersoShock Sole ( nucleated polymer cells, medial shock pads), to absorb excess kinetic energy
  • Multi-density support protects arches and restores foot alignment with 3D motion control.
  • The soft padded collar and tongue save from skin irritation
  • provide the most leveled heel to toe ratio. 
  • Extra-depth and roomy toe box
  • The upper is constructed with durable mesh material for breathability and flexibility.
  • Removable Insoles for a perfect fit
  • Thin upper /tongue 


  • Good arch support
  • Ample room in the toe area saves from skin irritation
  • Well suited for bunions, diabetes
  • Extra protection(prevent to fall) while standing and walking
  • Breathable, flexible, lightweight, very comfortable
  • supportive and comfortable.


  • not usable on rainy days

Final Advice Must Read

Vital to note that only the all-black Ion is Slip Resistant. The Ion keeps you securely on your feet for fast-paced activities

As the shoe is American sizes based so better to order the same shoe size that you normally wear

Suitable to heal the pain in the heel and knee because the Gravity Defyer IONS model has a gentle spring-like effect in the heel. 

As well suited to wide feet but using athletic socks, it would be perfectly snug. 

The company designed the shoe to get up to mark arch support. For this purpose, these come with two different arches so you have a choice.

We found them not usable on rainy days, best for dry weather.

4: Orthofeet Proven Plantar Fasciitis, Foot, and Heel Pain Relief Extended Widths Orthopedic Walking Shoes Diabetic Bunions

best walking shoes for hip and knee pain

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Key Features

  • Non-binding fit for the front part of the foot and toes
  • THERAPEUTIC DESIGN for added eas in traction and stability 
  • Premium orthotic insoles for anatomical arch support
  • Rocker design soles to absorb impacts 
  • Roomy TOE BOX
  • removable insoles
  • lace-up shoes


  • Suitable for a long walk
  • Removable insoles for a customized fit
  • Arch support prevents the foot from rolling inwards
  • Extra-depth design
  • Comfortable for swollen feet, hammertoes, and bunions, eventually make hip and pain relief
  • Lightweight SOLE, Very comfortable


  • Costly

Final Advice Must Read

Many People having wide feet and high arch and facing foot problems find it difficult to get desirable shoes. We found many buyers find this orthopedic footwear as the right solution for the purpose.

Likewise many footwear, initially you may feel some lack of stability, but after some time, you will be positive toward Orthofeet.

Arthritis patients usually need support and relief in the ankles, arch, and below the big toe, so these are highly supportive of all these areas.

Removable insoles make it easy to have a perfect fit. Orthofeet’s latest technologies made this more supportive for a long walk even more than two miles.

5: Saucony Women Endorphin Shift -Best Walking Shoes For Hip And Knee Pain

best walking shoes for hip and knee pain

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Superb Saucony, a North American manufacturer founded in 1898, designs footwear that caters to the demands of the buyers in terms of breathability, comfort, style, quality, durability, and more which is enough to qualify the brand as good.

Key Features

  • Rubber sole with synthetic and mesh upper 
  • Have External TPU heel outrigger ( area of the sole that lies on the outside). The outsole made up of thermoplastic polyurethane is called the TPU outsole. All these features make the shoe lightweight and comfy for the best shoes for hip bursitis.
  • Emerges from the latest technology like, (1) SPEEDROLL Technology an always-forward geometry, making shoes more lightweight. (2) Sandwich shaped mesh upper for good breathability. (3) XT-900 outsole for superb traction and durability. (4) EVA-based PWRRUN cushioning underfoot provides just-right softness 
  • Available in five different beautifully arranged color combinations.
  • Sizes: Women 5-12


  • Versatile
  • Fit perfectly, Arch support
  • Comfortable, spring-like cushioning
  • Heel support, High stability


  • Relatively narrow shoe, especially the toe box

Final Advice Must Read

From the heel to the midfoot, you feel desirable cushioning, but then as it moves into the forefoot, it hardens up and becomes denser, and bestows a vast return of energy on your toe.

The toe box is a little wide, providing some wiggle.

Don’t use bleach or put it in the washer. An ideal method is to rub the dirty area with a damp cloth until clean, allow these to air dry instead of a dryer, as the heat may warp them. Get a clean rag or sponge and damp it with water.

6: Skechers Men Equalizer Double Play Slip-On Loafer

best walking shoes for hip and knee pain

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Since 1992, USA-based company SKECHERS has innovated footwear as per user demand, both for men and women. Skechers is easy to mold, offering enhanced comfort and cushioning. Here we have added slip-on best shoes for supportive relief from hip and knee pain and other arthritis problems in the feet.

So get Skechers Men Equalizer for an athletic, smooth, and comfy walk.

Key Features

  • Mesh woven draft with one-piece fabric in a slip with stitching and memory foam insole with an infusion of gel. It specifies the supreme cushioning and offers excellent support.
  • Well-engineered mesh, having solid unwavering panels with cooling and ventilating panels.
  •  The fabricated lining is very relaxing and has moisture-wicking characteristics. It can help in resisting odor and keep your feet fresh for the whole day.
  • Double-sided elastic fabric, for an effortless slip-on fit.
  • A padded collar, flexible shoe lining, and cushioned consoling insole. 


  • Best for wide feet, bunions
  • wear them for 8-10 hours without any irritation
  • Lighter in weight and shock absorbing
  • Suitable for walking long distances.
  • The insole helps to lessen foot weariness during entire day work.


  • Little arch support
  • Some reviews claimed that sometimes its elastic fall apart

Final Advice Must Read

Superb recommendation for men looking for footwear, that is ideal for solving foot problems.

The foam sole and memory foam/gel liner of these are super comfortable, the slip-on style has just the right amount of hold, and the breathability of these are great.

Particularly during COVID, Slip-on are always perfect shoes for leaving at the door for activities around the house, running errands, casual social occasions. Along with the most comforting features, these shoes are the best shoes for ankle support for every individual of any age.

The foam sole and memory foam/gel liner of these are super comfortable, the slip-on style has just the right amount of hold, and the breathability of these are great.

Suitable for wide feet, so narrow fitted must check size precisely. Shoes are washable but do not put in the dryer, as they may shrink.

7: Men’s Hook And Loop 577 for desired comfort

best walking shoes for hip and knee pain

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In 1906 the brand arrived as New Balance Arch Support Company and still sticks to the astounding craftsmanship of America. Never compromises on quality, NB makes many varieties of shoes. For every type of runner, for all kinds of foot types, not just widths but all types of foot abnormalities, orthopedics, and ailments, exceptional products are available by NB. No one makes as many kinds of sneakers as they do. People of all ages and “walks of life” wear them with regular outfits rather than use them for running. 

 Key Features

  • The USA based, upper made up of 100% leather and rubber sole.
  • With proper midsole cushioning and strike path outsole.
  • Well-padded collar along with well cushioning
  • Its Velcro makes it easier to wear on and off
  • A polyurethane midsole for extra stability and lightweight cushioning for added support
  • cushioned polyurethane midsoles and solid rubber outsoles.
  • The closure of the hook and loop provides a complete fit.


  • Good arch and lateral support
  • Various width options
  • Shock Absorption
  • style and comfort
  • Best for walking over long distances
  • Breathability and durability


  • The straps of hook and loop 577 were shorter to secure feet.

Final Advice Must Read

Along with Made In American philosophy, the brand has so many variations of shoes: running, training, lifestyle, walking, and so your selection for NB will not disappoint you. 

Buyers appreciate this shoe for its better arch supportability. It helps overcome foot fatigue and limit irritating foot and knee pains.

We do not recommend washing in the machine, use a light fiber brush (an old toothbrush works well), and a mild detergent (either dishwashing or laundry) to clean stains and mud.

Be sure to use a detergent free of dye to avoid staining, plus scrub the sneaker with the brush and use a damp cloth to wipe clean.

Tips and suggestions to buy the best running shoes for back and hip pain

Invest in the best quality shoes according to your condition and brows shoes that can help you walk and run with bad hips and knees. 

  • The Heels more than two inches high cause knee joint degeneration.
  • But that doesn’t mean that all flat shoes are acceptable. Flat shoes without arch support also increase hip, knee, and back pain. 
  • A proper fit is mandatory while buying shoes. Tight fit hurts your feet and causes limping that ultimately creates stress on the knees and hip joint. And lose fit disorder your gait that also impacts knees and hip.
  • Best sneakers for arthritic hips give stability with cushioning that helps in overpronation control, football relief, and relieves arthritis pain in the foot, ankle, hip, and knees. Shoes without cushioning support or with worn-out cushioning must be replaced as soon as possible.
  • Orthotic soles help hip and knee pain relief if the feet function causes the problem.
  • Therapeutic shoes have extra depth construction that makes them superior to the other comfort shoes.
  • The requirement of all the feet is not the same. So pick the shoes according to your problem, your gait pattern, and your feet shape and size. Even different compartments of affected knees need the other type of support in shoes.

Can hip and knee pain be related?

Hip and knee joints are the largest joints of our body, and they bear the full weight of the body throughout life. They perform with close coordination with each other. If your hip joint is affected and suffering from pain by any means, you will feel this in your thighs and knees as well. Sometimes knee pain starts first and indicates hip joint pain called radiated pain.


Long-term hip pain and tight and inflexible hip result in pain in the upper and lower leg and the knee joint. It can also affect the lower back, groin area, sacroiliac joints, and cause hamstring strains.


“Collapsing kinetic chain”  explains how close relationship hip and knee pain is. When a muscle group called gluteus medius muscles exhaust and weakens, your thighs can pull or rotate inwards abnormally and cause excessive strain and stress on the knee cap and joint. Because this muscle determines the position of knees while walking, climbing, jumping, or running.


It also controls your pelvic level while walking and standing. Suppose one-sided hip or groin pain worsens with mobility or any activity, or you feel gradual-onset knee pain or a low-level knee pain without any trauma. In that case, it indicates the misalignment of your pelvis.

Pelvis connects our leg and knees to hip joints as it is said, “the knee bone is connected to the thigh bone, and the thigh bone is connected to the hip bone.”

 Hip weakness may cause the following knee problems: 

  • Patellofemoral stress syndrome 
  • Pes anserine bursitis
  • Iliotibial band friction syndrome

What types of shoes should you avoid in hip and knee pain?

As discussed above, all about the role of shoes to manage the pain of knees, lower back, hips, and feet may be fruitful to examine the shoes that are not suitable for these problems. If you don’t bother with these factors, they can add to your painful condition. That’s why we have added a short description of that footwear as well.

  • Flats that look like mimicry of barefoot feel or like “gloves for feet” provide zero support for knees and put pressure on knees while walking.
  • Clogs are not suitable for aching hips and knees because they also build extra pressure while walking.
  • More than needed support damages the natural movement of feet. So extra supportive shoes must be avoided. That excessive support is not suitable for knee pain as well.
  • High heels are harmful to every person, whether suffering from some problem or not. So avoid them to prevent forecasting danger.

How shoes can reduce hip and knee pain

Whether you feel pain in your hip joint, in the lower back, in your knee joint, or in your heels, your walking style, gait, feet health, and appropriate footwear play a vital role in controlling all these problems. Proper shoes reduce the impact and stress of hard surfaces, make hip musculature healthy, improves gait, and offer a pain-free walk.


Along with medication, osteoarthritis treatment requires the right shoes and insoles to reduce pressure, pain, and feet function while walking or running.


Poor walking posture and improper gait patterns can cause feet and ankle problems, like plantar fasciitis, neuromas, tarsal tunnel syndrome, pronation, bunionettes, and supination. And picking the proper therapeutic footwear with orthotic insoles may improve the feet function and reduce hip and knee pain.

You can consult the following resources to pick the appropriate footwear for walking and running if you are suffering from hip dysplasia, arthritis, bursitis, or backache.

  1. Your doctor can precisely diagnose the location of your trouble and can suggest the best shoes accordingly.
  2. A custom shoe finding service is usually available at all athletic stores that may recommend appropriate footwear by measuring your feet and observing your gait.
  3. An orthopedic specialist can guide you more about your problem than a medical specialist. And so his recommendation about best shoes would be worthier to consider for hip and knee pain relief.

Strengthening Exercises for Hip and Knee Pain

There are exercises to strengthen weak and inadequate hip bone, tight tissue relaxation, and to improve knee osteoarthritis. These exercises enhance your ability to move, stand, walk, and bend your knees without pain.

As you pick the shoes keeping in mind your condition and problem, the same is the case with these exercises. If an exercise causes pain or trouble, it means it’s not suitable for you. These exercises are generally recommended. Below is a bunch of activities. Pick the most ideal for you.

  1. Hold a stair railing, washbasin, or a kitchen sink with your hands and bend your back as you are sitting on a chair. You can have a chair behind you. To touch and stand back straight. Repeat it according to your ease. 
  2. Bind a stretchable band around a pillar or any other thing. Place the bar on the back of your knee, keeping the band encircled around the knee. When the band stretches back with the push of the knee, your heel will touch the ground. And when you bend the knee, the band would go forth. During this, don’t move your hip. Repeat according to your bearing.
  3. When you try to stand from a seat, you lean forward. In the same way, lean forward as if you are going to stand but don’t leave your seat. Then bend your hips and stand straight. Now sit back and make your back straight. Then repeat. 
  4. Stand on one leg keeping your trunk straight and knee soft. Make sure your hip is on the level. Stand on each leg for two minutes approximately.
  5. Stand on your toes while holding a wall or any other thing for as long as you can bear. Then repeat.
  6. Hold the kitchen shelf or a chair and knock your leg outside for hip abduction. Repeat. 
  7. Put both your hands on the wall as if pushing it and lean your hip towards it while fixing your feet on the ground, one ahead and the other on the back. It would stretch the calf for 30 seconds. Do the same with the other leg. Repeat it as many times as you can bear.
  8. Kneel one leg on the chair and hold the back of the chair. Lean forward your hip by tightening the buttocks and stretch your thighs. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat with the other leg.
  9. Hold a kitchen shelf or a chair and lift your leg by bending your knee as high as possible as if you are marching that would cause hip flexion. Repeat with the second leg.
  10. Hold the chair back and stand straight. Lift one leg and kick back by stretching your leg without bending your hip or knee, causing hip extension. Then repeat with the other leg.

Start with ten times repetition and gradually increase the number to repeat exercises a day.


Bad hips and knees are the most common problem for people of every age group. But fortunately, we have the solutions at the same time. A large number of companies are making podiatrist recommended engineered footwear. With the guidance of our podiatrist therapist, proper exercise, and the right choice of shoes, you can deal with issues to a great extent. I hope this guide will help you a lot while picking the best walking shoes for hip and knee pain.

Frequently Asked q/a

Q1: What should you do if you have hip or knee pain?

Ans: If your pain is not that severe and not the result of some injury, it can be healed with self-care like rest, to avoid direct weight on hip, application of ice packs, gentle exercises, and mild medication like ibuprofen and naproxen sodium.

Q2: How do I know if my hip pain is severe?

Ans: if you feel a lack of mobility, any deformity in your hip or knee joints, you are unable to bear weight on your aching leg, or any swelling, redness, severe pain, you should see the doctor as soon as possible. It can be severe.

Q3: How can you find the best shoes for knee pain?

Ans: “When shopping for walking or running shoes, it’s important to consider the fact that each individual may vary in terms of the type and location of arthritis in their knees,” says Dr. Miho J. Tanaka, assistant professor of orthopedic surgery and the director of the women’s sports medicine program at The Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.

While choosing shoes, keep in mind that the needs of every foot are different. Keenly observe your problem and feet cognition or consult your doctor before buying a new pair of shoes. 

  • Whether you’re suffering from chondromalacia, degenerative arthritis, gout, or anything else, it can’t be decided without a diagnosis, so first, do it.
  • Consider the event or occasion for shoes to wear. Whether you need them for office use, informal wear, running, or casual wear, you need a pair of shoes to manage your pain in that desired domain.
  • The knee joint’s arthritic condition is a prominent source of disability, and biomechanical flat, flexible footwear advantages the knee joint. Flat and flexible shoes lower the knee loads.



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