Best Men’s Sandals for Plantar Fasciitis/Best Reviews 2021

Disease like plantar fasciitis, wide feet, and bunions can make you be quite debilitating. But these problems would be lessened when you find the right footwear. Here our long-hour searches and expert suggestions made it possible to place the best men’s sandals for plantar fasciitis.
Because we all know that wearing the right footwear is the first step to helping relieve your daily foot pains. Don’t miss our other posts regarding Plantar Fasciitis.

In case you or someone from your social circle has ever come across the complications of plantar fasciitis, you must be aware of the pain that comes with walking in uncomfortable shoes. One feels uncomfortable due to the unavailability of the right support for feet. If these conditions have had a great impact on your daily routine, you must have found the ideal type of shoes for your use that help reduce the pain associated with the condition of plantar fasciitis.

Features of best sandals for men for plantar fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis affects up to 10-15% of the population as a comparatively common footing issue. It can take place at any age. Often it is referred to as the “heel of the police.”

However, the problem arises during summer when it is hot. The ideal type of shoes, such as bulky sneakers, are of no help.

  • In this situation, the only viable option is that of using a pair of sandals that are supportive and lightweight. These will not only give them the comfort and support that is required but also let your feet breathe.
  • Shock absorption and softer insole are two of the most important features that one should keep in mind while shopping for sandals with plantar fasciitis
  • Flat sandals are not suitable if you are suffering from plantar fasciitis. Pressure on ola tar facia increases in such sandals and causes pain.
  • Recently, leather sandals have become quite trendy not only with ethnic but also with casual wear.

5 best men’s sandals for plantar fasciitis with ultimate reviews

1: Vionic Men’s Tide Toe-Post Sandal -vionic sandals plantar fasciitis


Voinic is hot favorite sandal manufacturers. They know the foot demands and how to keep it embarked towards daily goals. Both for men and women facing plantar fasciitis, these Vionic sandals work positively as per thousands of customer reviews.

Vionic Men’s Tide Toe-Post Sandal is sure to be an all-time blockbuster. These are available in men’s whole sizes 7-14. For half sizes better to buy the nearest size down.

For the highest comfort, we suggest wearing your new Vionic sandal for just a few hours for the first few days to let your feet adapt to the fresh level of orthotic support and relief.

In one to two weeks you will find the sandals quite satisfactory and supportive.

To clean, wipe off with a wet fabric and air dry under indirect sunlight only. As per Voinic company instructions, do not sink in water or use solvents to wash them.

Similarly, commercial dry cleaning or home wash/dry laundry machines are not advised. Plus do not expose them to excessive temperatures.

Plantar fasciitis Score               99%

Amazon USA                           4.6/5

VOINIC Store                          5/5

Arch Support                          Good

Comfort                                 Excellent

Quality                                  Excellent

Gender              men

Shoe type          In and outdoor sandals

Brand                VIONIC

Colors                6

Material             woven/leather uppers

Sole                  Rubber, TPR outsole

Footbed             EVA footbed

Technology         Orthaheel Technology

Season               Summer best


foam-lined strap ensure a comfortable fit

biomechanical Tri-planar Motion Control footbed

deep heel cup for foot balance

Lightweight and cushioning

EVA midsole absorbs shock

stress reduction


ο hardly any

2: Vionic Unisex Wave Toe-Post Sandal – Vionic sandals plantar fasciitis

These unisex sandals offer an unfussy design and excellent arch support for all-day comfort, indoors or out. Suitable for both men and women. For women size, these available in Women’s whole sizes 6-14 while available in Men’s whole sizes 5-13

If you are a half size, we advise ordering the nearest size down.

To wash them follow the instructions added above.


Plantar fasciitis Score               98%

Amazon USA                           4.4/5

Arch Support                          Excellent

Comfort                                 Excellent

Quality                                   Good

ender                 men/women

Shoe type           In and outdoor sandals

Brand                VIONIC

Colors                5

Material              Nylon Webbing Upper

Sole                   Rubber, TPR outsole

Footbed              EVA footbed

Season                Summer best


√ supports your feet in all-day comfort

√ Lightweight, flexible

√ Vio-Motion Support includes Three-Zone Comfort

√ Received APMA Seal of Acceptance


ο Be careful while sizing

ο some complaint regarding the size of straps

3: KEEN Men’s Newport H2 Sandal – Best sandals for plantar fasciitis 2021

The keen brand offers the ultimate comfort and functional shoes. Keen Newport Hydro was created to be a lightweight version of the H2 as it’s meant for primary use in the water.

Better to order 1/2 size up from your normal KEEN size. Lighter than the original leather version, polyester webbing uppers are lined with hydrophobic foam for comfort and fit. The H2 Newport by Keen is the newest update version.

The upper is a washable polyester webbing with a hydrophobic mesh lining, so you can easily put them in the washer in order to clean.


Comparison KEEN Sandals For Plantar Fasciitis

KEEN Men’s Newport Sandal 4.8/5

KEEN Men’s Arroyo II Sandal 4.6/5

KEEN Men’s Aruba II Sandals 4.6/5

Plantar fasciitis Score               97%

Amazon USA                           4.5/5

Arch Support                          Good

Comfort                                 Excellent

Quality                                   Fair

Gender              men

Shoe type          Outdoor sandals

Brand                KEEN

Colors                29

Material             100% Polyester

Sole                   Non-Marking carbon-rubber outsoles

Footbed              Clarino™ Serdia™ antimicrobial

Season               Summer/winter


Uppers are laced with elastic cord and settle with Quicklocks; 3M®

reflective pull loops let easy on/off

Toe guards guard your feet for hiking, biking, and more

EVA midsoles provide cushioning

Footbeds keep foot odor under control

Non-Marking carbon-rubber outsoles extend durability

knife-cut siping gives steady traction on wet surfaces

Good for adventures

Washable polyester webbing upper

Multi-directional lug pattern with razor siping


ο Be careful about sizing

4: Drew Shoe Men’s Warren Leather Open Toe Sport Sandals – cute sandals for plantar fasciitis

Comparison Drew Sandals For Plantar Fasciitis

Drew Orthopedic Sandals 4/5

Drew Mens BRN/tan CMB 4/5

Drew Mason latest

145-years old shoe company named Drew is well aware of the science of therapeutic relief footwear. The whole Drew Collection is an innovative blend of function and style, serving to keep the feet happy.

Its nice cushioned removable ULTRON footbed gives it one of the best men’s sandals for plantar fasciitis. These sandals make your morning walks in peace without enduring intense pain.

Wash only with a moist cloth and gentle soap. Use a cream polish that suits the color of the footwear and let sit for a few minutes. Buff with a clean, soft fabric or a fine brush for shine. Let the sandal air dry.

Plantar fasciitis Score               97%

Amazon USA                           4.4/5

Arch Support                          Excellent

Comfort                                 Good

Quality                                   Fair

Gender              men

Shoe type          Outdoor sandals

Brand                Drew

Colors                3

Material              Rich leather upper

Sole                   shock-absorbing rubber outsole

Footbed              cushioned ULTRON® footbed

Season               Summer/winter


lightweight and added metatarsal support

The arch region really dense our arches are comfortably supported

open toe design and an extra roomy front

lined with soft and breathable fabric

Suits to wide feet, flat feet, and feet with bunions

Three adjustable Velcro® brand closures add to its customizability

stretchable linings


ο Few complaints regarding short straps

ο Be careful while sizing

5: BYRIVER Reflexology Foot Massager Tools – Foot Massage Slippers

Comparison BYRIVER Sandals For Plantar Fasciitis

BYRIVER Plantar Fasciitis 3.8/5

BYRIVER Acupressure 4/5

Why not try something different when tackling plantar fasciitis. Yes, we highly recommend these sandals as well particularly for elderly long-standing or walking workers. Similarly fruitful for fitness people who require deep tissue relaxation.

Though the rating customer’s overall rating is relatively low, according to many these sandals work awesome. Offering the pressure points treatment (Chinese therapy), these low-priced sandals would be a perfect solution for plantar fasciitis.


Dear don’t put them on all day. As these are special massage therapy so the manufacturer recommends “15 mints wearing per time”

If it pains you for the first few times, then using socks and reducing the wearing time will assist you to feel better.

Plantar fasciitis Score               99%

Amazon USA                           4/5

Arch Support                          Excellent

Comfort                                 Fair

Quality                                  Good

Gender              men/women

Shoe type          Outdoor sandals

Brand                Drew

Colors                3

Material              Rich leather upper

Sole                   shock-absorbing rubber outsole

Footbed              cushioned ULTRON® footbed

Season               Summer/winter


√ Rotating spring massage buttons offers 360° rotating massage

√8pcs real jade stone for health chi therapy

√ Grows blood circulation and metabolism

Relieve foot, heel pain due to arthritis, neuropathy, or plantar fasciitis.

Soothe your tired feet and make you sleep better

√ Environmental materials,100% QC (quality control tests) PASSED

√without scent

√Accessories: 5pcs replacing massage buttons


ο It may heart a lot in the beginning

What Shoes Can I Wear if I have plantar fasciitis?

According to Dr. Barr, a very credible physician who has been treating patients with such complications, is of the view that wearing flip-flops often can make you more prone to suffering from the disease. It is because of the flatness of these types of shoes. Additionally, high heels are discouraged.

  • Some doctors also advise not to go barefoot, especially on hard and rough surfaces.
  • Early in the morning, when the body is not stretched, the first few steps on these surfaces can make one feel plantar fasciitis. So you’ll need to keep some supportive footwear by your bed.
  • It may also be caused by wearing shoes with soft soles and insufficient arch support.
  • Heel spurs aren’t necessarily the causes of the disease. Heel spurs were once thought to cause discomfort in some people, but this is no longer the case.

Are bulky, pricey orthotics your only choice for wearing shoes that can support, instead of furthering your problem? Fortunately, the conclusion we have drawn is no. Though you are highly advised to stop wearing high heels wherever possible (or only for a limited period of time), a pair of flats or other unsupportive footwear can be transformed into a plantar fasciitis-busting machine with a pair of slip-in orthotics designed specifically for this problem.

Is policeman’s heel the same as plantar fasciitis

Back in the days, patrolling by the police was usually carried out on foot. They would spend many hours on their feet.. Over time, the overuse led to heel pain that doctors dubbed policeman’s foot syndrome.

Plantar fasciitis may be confused with ‘policeman’s heel,’ but they are two different things. Police Heel is referred to as plantar calcaneal bursitis – fluid sack (bursa) inflammation under the heel (calcaneum). This condition is less common.

Common causes of plantar fasciitis

It stems from straining the foot portion that ties your heel with your toes which is called the plantar fascia.

Why this occurs is not always obvious.

It will be more probable if you:

1) Have been running on smooth surfaces lately

2) Tight calf or heel workout

3) Extend the foot’s sole during exercises

4) Recently began to walk, run or get up a lot more

5) Poorly-cushioned or rather overweight shoes.

Especially in the elderly, there is always no clear cause of the problem. A common misconception is that pain comes from the heel bone due to a knobby development, or “spur.”

Many individuals have a good heel bone spur, but not all experience plantar fasciitis.

It’s more likely to be the problem under discussion if:

The discomfort is much greater as you resume walking after sleeping or resting; it is easier during exercising but returns after resting, and it is painful to lift your toes off the floor.

It is also known as the “policeman’s foot.” When subjected to excessive stress as a result of irregular packing, the fascia stretches, resulting in micro-tearing and tissue degeneration. It may cause discomfort in the ankle, around the sole of the foot, and even into the arch of the foot.

When should you have surgery?

Before considering surgery, experts recommend that you try other treatments for at least six months. If you are still experiencing severe heel pain after 6 to 12 months of conservative therapy, only then can surgery be an option. If the heel pressure is messing with your ability to function or perform the mild exercise, you may want to suggest surgery.

Plantar fasciitis rarely necessitates surgery. With proper cure majority of people with this complication (95 percent) can get relief from their heel pain without surgery. This means that 95 patients will get relief without treatment, while the remaining five cannot.

How successful is EPF surgery? 

The Endoscopic Plantar Fasciotomy (EPF) has a performance rate of about 90%. Other surgical operations have high success rates as well, with their own set of benefits and drawbacks. The discomfort from the complication will quickly interrupt your routine aerobic workouts, as well as your everyday activities. If you remember any of these signs, you should seek care right away, or your injuries can worsen.

As the success rate is almost 90%, you do not need to worry about anything going wrong. It’s very unlikely that a failure might happen. In case it is unsuccessful, the doctors will suggest the path forward.


As the warm weather sets in, along with the occasional showers of rain, shorts and t-shirts become an important part of the everyday wearing schedule for men.

Similar is the situation with footwear. Just as the majority of men turn to easy-going wearing options which are far more breathable, so do they ditch the bulky shoes such as sneakers for options like a sandal.


Q1: How successful is EPF surgery?

ANS: The EPF surgery has a performance rate of about 90%. Other surgical operations have high success rates as well, with their own set of benefits and drawbacks.

Q2: What shoes are bad for plantar fasciitis?

ANS:The Worst Shoes are:

  • Flats
  • Flip Flops
  • Bare Feet
  • Old Shoes
  • Brand New Shoes
  • High Heels

Q3: Is plantar fasciitis a disability?

ANS: It can be both a physically impaired and a legally covered condition, which, based on a variety of other reasons, can apply for medical care, health coverage.


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